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5. Cover of Light

Year: 2015

City: Helsinki

Country: Finland

Concept Description

Cover of Light is a space or a spot to where a person seeking shelter in the city can go. The bridge, covered with light, becomes a cover of light under which a person can stay away from the noise of the city. By lifting the cover, one can peek into the world below the bridge. In order to be visible, light always requires a surface on which it can be reflected. The Cover of Light highlights the interesting materials and structures of the Jaakonkatu bridges. At the same time, these bridges breathe life into the light. The changing colours remind us of the busy city centre and its numerous stimuli. The blue world, instead, calms down the busy travellers on Baana. Workgroup: Lighting Designer Mikko Pekonen, Lighting Designer, Designer Ari Peltola / Sweco Talotekniikka Oy and Lighting Specialist TkT Emilia Rautkylä / Philips Oy Deniz Seifulla / Philips Oy

Photographer: Juhana Konttinen